Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to confirm your start date, allocate your instructor and take a deposit to secure your booking.

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how it works


Fill out our booking form or give us a call. We'll have a quick chat to answer any questions you may have. If you're happy to proceed, we'll take a deposit and book your fast tracked test. If you already have a test booked, we'll find you an earlier one if its months away and you want to pass ASAP.


When a test date is secured, we'll match you with a fully qualified DVSA approved driving instructor. We'll book your lessons close to your test date, ensuring there isn't big gap between your last lesson and the test. The lessons will be flexible and tailored to your schedule, including pick up and drop off.


Your instructor will ensure you're at test standard. You'll be able to use the car you've been learning to drive in, and you'll get a 1 hour lesson just before your to make sure you're fully prepared and ready to pass. We also offer pass protection, which gives you 2 extra fast tracked tests incase you fail.

why choose us?

Guaranteed early test

The current wait times for practical driving tests can take up to a year. With First Class Pass, instead of waiting several months for your practical test we'll fast track it to just a few weeks, guaranteed. Don't let far test dates hold you back!

ability to change instructor

Most of the time, the instructor and learner get along just fine. The worst thing that can happen is you being stuck with an instructor you don't get along with for whatever reason. In this rare scenario, we'll match you with a different instructor ASAP.

lessons close to test date

There's no point doing lessons without a secure test date. If there's too big of a gap between your last lesson and the test, you're much less likely to pass. We secure your test date first and book your lessons leading up to it so everything stays fresh on your mind.

be careful with other course providers...

There are a lot of great businesses out there, but be aware of how some of them work or you might end up with a huge gap between your last lesson and your driving test.

How do some course providers work? They’ll book your lessons before a test date is secured. This is a big problem because no one knows when your test date will be. You may be left waiting another few months for your test and end up having to pay more money for a refresher course leading up to the test.

With First Class Pass, your lessons are booked when we know you’ve got a secure test date. If you already have your test booked and it’s not too far away, that’s great! We can allocate your instructor straight away and get your intensive course done just before your test. If you haven’t got a test booked or it’s several months away, we’ll book a fast tracked test for you and schedule your lessons leading up to your test date, giving you the highest chance of passing.


After waiting weeks for an instructor with another provider, I switched to First Class Pass and they matched me with an instructor the same day. My instructor Dave was patient and knowledgeable, and I passed my test on the first try. Plus, their rates were much more reasonable compared to other providers. Highly recommend!


First Class Pass assigned me an instructor within hours of contacting them. The intensive course was flexible and tailored to my pace. I had my test fast tracked months ahead of time and passed just in time for my new job. I'm very grateful for Sam, the booking co-ordinator who managed the whole process smoothly.


I'm so glad I came across first class pass. My daughter needed to pass her test ASAP and other companies were taking weeks to pair her with local instructors. After contacting first class pass, she was assigned an instructor the next day and had her first lesson the following week. The test was booked just 2 months away and she passed first time thanks to her instructor Jennifer!


course prices


Suitable for learners who already have good control of a car but need further assistance to become test ready.


Ideal for learners who have had a few lessons and know the basics, but still have a long way to go to becoming test ready.


Suitable for beginners with very little experience behind the wheel, teaching you everything from the basics.


The official recommended hours for complete beginners. Best suited for those who have no driving experience at all.


Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to confirm your start date, allocate your instructor and take a deposit to secure your booking.

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